About Us

About Us

This qualification requires extra effort and observance compared to other qualifications. It leads to opportunities in HR and L&D, where concepts are drawn from the fundamental and advanced elements of professional and management development. Learners who enroll in this qualification do so to develop their HR skills and knowledge.

Professionals in this course aspire to excel in their learning process, practice, expertise, and potential within the domain of HR and L&D. Tupate Limited is dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance and direction in this qualification, simplifying complexities for you. 

Located in London, United Kingdom.. Our aim is to help learners advance their careers and become fully-fledged HR practitioners. We facilitate this by offering extensive support, guidance, and advice in all aspects of this qualification. Our team of experts and professionals is assembled to supervise you throughout the learning process with persistence and pleasure.

Our Professional Writers

Our company works with over 50 specialist learning providers, permanent employees and freelancers, who have built successful careers in all fields of this diploma. These professionals have been with us since 2013 proving their competency through the results they deliver. Every provider is knowledgeable and skilled to help you 24/7 and is a good practitioner of all the courses. 

Combined, they have assisted more than 10 000 learners, explaining the qualification concepts and providing completed papers of high quality. It assists you in developing your competencies and practices in all the related areas within the workplace. 


 Our experts are well-selected qualified personnel with vast experience in different fields. They have been through a selection process to make sure that only the best support our students. These highly trained, collaborative, and proficient professionals are the best in the world of CIPD and show it by helping students in the most profound and ambitious ways possible.

Our Codes and Values

There are three key principles that are fundamental to our business. Let’s take a closer look at them:Let’s take a closer look at them: 


There is no other competitor in the industry that can offer satisfaction and credibility like what we offer. Students all over the world depend on us for comprehensive and accurate information. Therefore, we are always rated high by the authorized consumer review sites and the customers. 


 Our determination is unmatched. We are determined to succeed and to give the students what they want. We have been in this business for 14 years and have helped thousands of students taking this diploma program all over the world and we are committed to doing the same in the future. 


 We provide high-quality services for all the sections of this diploma. Each and every write-up that is written by our professional writers is of high quality. The main goal is to satisfy the customer’s requirements and prove our worth by doing a job that is different from others. 

 Our Staff 

At the same time, we value the development of cooperation with our students and aim at offering the most effective help in all the assessments. The objective is to provide each learner with consistent commitment and attention. We have a very efficient and detail-oriented team, which consists of management, customer service, QA, and HR. We have over 500 employees and guarantee that each of them is focused on providing the highest quality to the clients. For any further assistance or any technical help, you can always count on us for accurate and prompt response. With our help, more than 10,000 customers have been satisfied with their orders and have achieved success. Come and be part of the team and let the journey to victory begin!

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