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What is CIPD?

CIPD is the professional body for Human Resources and people development. It’s for people who looking to transition into Human resources or advance the career in HR.  CIPD professional body has over 150,000 members around the world. CIPD is a recognized professional certificate in different parts of the world. 

Having the title CIPD in your resume makes you very competitive in the job market. The good thing about CIPD is that you can join even if you don’t have any experience in Human resource management.

7 Stages Where You Can Join the CIPD Program

  1. CIPD Student Member– Joining as a student member gives you access to materials that help you with your studies. 
  2. Foundation Member– This is when you start from the very bottom because you don’t have any experience, and you have never worked in Human resources. At this level, you are exposed to the foundation knowledge and skill you need to have to be an HR professional. 
  3. CIPD Associate Member– This is for people who are approaching mid-level HR professionals. This level is for people who already have foundation knowledge, and have worked in the lower level, for example, HR assistants, HR coordinators, and HR administrators. A CIPD associate member is ideal for someone who has had some entry-level experience for 2-3 years.
  4. CIPD Chartered Membership– This is a more seasoned HR profession. You need to have upwards of 5 years of experience working in HR. 
  5. CIPD Chartered Fellow– This is for professionals whose experience and skills are top-notch.
  6. Academic Member Great– This is for people teaching and lecturing in the area of human resources, and learning and development. This is a good level for people looking to start teaching Human resources.
  1. Affiliate Member– This is for members who do lots of research and study on Human Resources. 


CIPD Level 3 Assignments Examples

CIPD Level 5 Assignments Examples

CIPD Level & Assignments Examples

  • CIPD 7CO01  Work and working lives in a changing business environment
  • People management and development strategies for performance
  • Personal effectiveness, ethics, and business acumen
  • Business research in people practice
  • Strategic employment relations
  • Resourcing and talent management to sustain success
  • Strategic reward management
  • Organizational design and development
  • Advanced employment law in practice
  • Learning and development practice
  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Advanced diversity and inclusion
  • Managing people in an international context
  • 7OS06 Well Being at Work | CIPD Level 7 Examples

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